Save an Animal Foundation

A Charitable Initiative of the Village Veterinary Hospital.

Founded to provide quality medical care for pets of families who are not able to afford it.

Donations ensure our caring team of medical professionals can provide surgery, medication, spay/neuter, exams, vaccinations, and a chance at a healthy life, for animals in need. We aim to educate families and individuals on the importance of this Foundation.

With your help, we can give these pets a bright future.

Donation Tier List


Founding Supporter

Founding Supporter Title, Custom Sticker on Kennel Wall Inside


Founding Member

Founding Member Title, Custom Sticker on Kennel Wall Inside


Big Dog / Big Cat

Custom Sticker on Kennel Wall Inside, & 2 painted paw prints with a custom name underneath it, & Social Media shout out

King of the Jungle

This is a very special title, for a very generous donor. To obtain this title:
$50 per month or a
 one-time donation of at least $600 is required.

Above rewards are included + specialized gift

Thank you for your support & generosity.